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Are you burning the candle at both ends? Is life weighing you down, or do you feel burnt out and anxious? Hypnosis for stress management is a very effective most clients see positive changes immediately. This is due to the fact that while in the hypnotic state stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline have to decrease to allow the brain to enter the hypnotic state. If you do not see/feel/ experience the positive side effects we will refund your money. Once a person has learned to achieve this relaxed state it is very easy to duplicate using instant self-hypnosis techniques, cue words and anchors which we teach our clients in our Stress Control Program. This allows our clients to have the tools to de-stress whenever they like, at work, while parenting or in any situation that your stress increases in! If you are ready to take action and get control of your stress…then our Stress Control Program might be right for YOU!

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Hypnosis is helping me deal with my kids in a positive manner and I am learning to express my emotions when needed. ~Lydia, Chef/Mother

Before hypnosis I had trouble sleeping and letting go of stress and worry.

After just one week I noticed a huge improvement in the peace and calm I felt during the day…which to me was a big bonus! Then at night I had tools to guide me towards a deep relaxed state of relaxation and sleep! ~Yvonne Barnes

Hypnosis has improved my life, my anxieties have decreased 97%! ~Kimberly

Before hypnosis I suffered from stress and having a lack of confidence in myself at work. Hypnosis has improved my life. It has decreased my stress and now I feel calm when I’m going to work. I have increased confidence in my abilities while at work.

Now I have a toolbox (hypnosis tools) to use if I feel I need them at any time and I know what to use and when. I feel I can take on anything I want to while feeling calm and confident. Hypnosis ha-s helped me to move my life in the direction I desire. This has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. ~Natasha Usher-Hameluck

Stress was ruining my life. I was overwhelmed all the time, exhausted all of the time.

With hypnosis I learned how to calm down in stressful situations and stay calm and have more energy and generally feel better about myself and my life. Hypnosis has finally taught me to change my internal dialogue from negative self-talk to positive self-talk. Every day I say to myself “own your awesomeness” and I now believe it. I have a feeling of wellbeing. I am now holding people around me accountable for their own $h!t.,I no longer pick up the pieces that other people let fall. ~Susanne, Oct 16, 2017

I was extremely anxious, lacking sleep and emotional. With hypnosis I sleep much better. I am much more calm and positive. This has improved my relationship with my husband. Since hypnosis I have been able to get a job that I had always wanted because of my increased confidence. I am very thankful for each session I had. I would recommend Hypnosis for Health and Happiness to anyone looking to improve their life. This was above and beyond my expectations. ~Melissa Johnson, June 2, 2017

Before I was agitated, unhappy, feeling like I made the wrong decisions in life, took the wrong path. Angry at my home life, husband and my job.

Hypnosis has allowed me to stop and think before making a decision or an allegation, allowing peace to enter my life. It allows me to follow through with goals. Sometimes we get blocked or are not able to move forward with a goal. It helped me to just let go.

My husband noticed within the second session how much more calm I am at making decisions, letting the little things go, not wanting to control every aspect of our live. ~Alison S, Aug 23, 2017


Before I did not enjoy being around people in groups. Anxiety was always present unless I was home. Could hardly print or write due to nervousness. I avoided as many public functions as possible.

Now I feel calm around people and crowds. I shake less. Enjoy going out shopping. Not “scared” to see new people. I can “almost” print again!! I also learned to let things go easier. Listen better instead of planning a retreat. Quit reading into everything. I enjoyed the learning hear.

~Mr. Kim Ryckis, C.E.T, May 25, 2017


I was really struggling with negative thoughts overtaking my life. I was lacking energy. I was ruining relationships because of my unwillingness to do anything new and fun. All I wanted to do was stay home away from the world.

Hypnosis has helped me get my life back on track. I am laughing more. I live with an energy I never thought I could have again. I feel like my old self. I am happy and eager to start days now and see what could happen.

I’ve learned new techniques to conquer my negative thoughts should they arise and can adequately deal with them and move on with my day in a productive manner. ~Ty Hurum, May 25, 2017

What People Say About Hypnosis

Sleep I found the first thing that hypnosis helped with was my sleeping. I had trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep.Now all I can say is “where have you been?”, now I feel great and I can sleep all night." ~ Shirley E, Castor

February 15, 2016

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