Do you suffer with pain?

Hypnosis harnesses the power of your own mind to create effective pain management   Hypnosis has been proven to be highly effective at diminishing the debilitating effects of chronic pain for many decades. 

Hypnosis can provide pain relief in a variety of circumstances:

For acute or chronic discomfort (please consult a physician before addressing pain concerns)

  • For pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, burns, fibromyalgia, cancer and other conditions
  • For natural childbirth
  • Diagnosed migraines
  • For anxiety of anticipated pain in advance of surgery
  • Relieving stress and discomfort that can accompany dental procedures


We can provide you with suggestions that can help your mind change perspective on the discomfort surrounding that issue, through the power of your subconscious. A benefit of using hypnosis for pain relief is that you often reduce stress and anxiety; there by reducing the amount of tension in the body and decreasing discomfort.  Another happy side-effect of hypnosis is that most clients begin sleeping better which allows the body to heal and feel more comfortable.

If you, or someone you know, suffers from pain of any type, please contact Hypnosis for Health and Happiness in Red Deer and Castor, Alberta. We can begin with a Free Hypnosis Screening.   Call Now 403-33-HYPNO (403-334-9766). 

**Results May Vary

My pain was 70 out of 100. After the session today I walked out with NO DISCOMFORT!! The hypnotist has guided me and empowered my mind to utilize the powerful healing which is in the sub-conscious mind! I know that I can access this amazing sub-conscious healing at anytime and feel free of discomfort.
~Debra Mandamin

I used to suffer from major shoulder pain for at least 5 years.  I have tried chiropractors, physio, acupuncture and even had an MRI done on it.  It only bothers me when I try to lay down and sleep.  In the past 5 years i have not slept more than 2 hours a night. After coming to 2 sessions I now sleep and my shoulder does not bother me at all!  I have gone to a different hypnotherapist before but with NO results.  This is the first time in 5 years that i actually feel human again! ~Sheila Mear-Hauck

My first session put my mind and body at ease. I arrived with pain in my back and neck as well as a severe migraine. All of which disappeared throughout my session. I instantly felt at peace.

This is Amazing! Thank you and I look forward to our next session. ~ Bobbi Wilson

My experience with hypnosis has been amazing! I was experiencing terrible migraines that doctors could not figure out the cause of. I was given heavy painkillers, but they made it hard to stay working. Hypnosis has made it possible for me to be completely drug free and has given me the tools to cope with pain when it does happen.

For people who are skeptical about “losing control” while being in the state of hypnosis you do not need to worry. I was skeptical at first. However, Trisha made me feel completely at ease by explaining how hypnosis works and what to expect during a session. You are always in control of what happens while you are in the state of hypnosis.

Hypnosis has truly given me my life back and made me feel like a normal 21 year old again. ~Jill

Hypnosis has improved my ability to relax my muscles and my mind which helps me to reduce the severity and length of time that I am in pain. ~Michele Ray Jones

The greatest benefit was the relieved discomfort. I have also found that I am sleeping much better since hypnosis. ~Sharon Fischer

What People Say About Hypnosis

Sleep I found the first thing that hypnosis helped with was my sleeping. I had trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep.Now all I can say is “where have you been?”, now I feel great and I can sleep all night." ~ Shirley E, Castor

February 15, 2016

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