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In March of 2012 Trisha discovered and learned a phenomenal hypnosis program for managing and alleviating symptoms of fibromyalgia. Come and find some relief!


By Melissa Roth, C.Ht., PhD.D., Colorado Hypnotherapy Center

(FMS) is a frustrating and seldom understood illness. It is a collection of confusing and often contradictory symptoms which come and go and vary in intensity. It’s chief characteristic is widespread pain in the muscles, ligaments and tendons. It is also characterized by stiffness, fatigue and non-restorative sleep. While it is not life threatening, it is life changing. It can be as debilitating as . 25% of all FMS sufferers become disabled and 36% of all social security disability payments currently go for fibromyalgia. It is a chronic illness with a hefty price tag. It accounts for 10% of all visits to physicians. Yet, there are no effective conventional medical treatments for this chronic illness.

FMS is particularly frustrating because the sufferer appears healthy and normal on the outside but feels miserable on the inside. Eight times more women are affected than men. It strikes all races, all ages, all socio-economic levels and all educational levels. It is often found in the company of other related illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), spastic bladder (urinary urge incontinence), headaches, migraines, allergies, myofascial pain syndrome, mitral valve prolapse and more.


Traditional treatments aim at improving the quality of sleep and reducing pain using a cocktail of medications. Unfortunately, the side effects of the medications can be as debilitating as the illness. Recent research confirms that a multi-disciplinary approach which includes cognitive behavioral therapies, such as hypnosis, provides the greatest relief from symptoms and the best prognosis for a return to more normal levels of functioning. This approach includes improving the quality of sleep, proper nutrition, physical conditioning and deep relaxation combined with positive mental imagery (techniques used in hypnotherapy). By combining therapies, the patient can frequently return to a healthier state and a more active lifestyle while lessening or, in some instances, eliminating the need for medications, especially pain medications. My clients have averaged a 46% reduction in pain medication usage.

In a study published in the Journal of Rheumatology, 40 refractory fibromyalgia patients (FMS patients who had failed to relieve their symptoms with traditional medical treatments) were randomly assigned to treatment with either hypnotherapy or physical therapy. The patients in the hypnotherapy group showed significantly better outcomes with respect to pain reduction, fatigue on awakening, sleep patterns and global assessments. In addition, those patients who received hypnotherapy showed a significant improvement in their overall levels of discomfort and were able to reduce their levels of pain medications. The authors concluded that hypnotherapy was effective in relieving the pain .

This and similar studies corroborate what we have found at Colorado Hypnotherapy Center. We have been using and teaching hypnotherapy for the relief of FMS symptoms for over four years. Over 96% of FMS patients have shown significant and lasting improvement in their overall symptoms, especially in the areas of pain reduction, improved sleep patterns and increased energy levels. In addition, they have been able to reduce or eliminate their pain medication levels between 30% and 100% (average of 46%). All clients have been able to significantly increase their levels of daily functioning. Even more importantly, they have been able to maintain these improvements even after their hypnotherapy sessions end.

Fibromyalgia was taking over my life!

Now I am happy, have energy and pain is non-existent! **results may vary


I used to wake up every day I pain and not wanting to get out of bed is not something I enjoyed but I felt stuck and unhappy on a daily basis. I feared getting out of bed because I knew Fibromyalgia was going to take over. I couldn’t win, I couldn’t sleep at night, yet all I wanted to do was be in bed. I couldn’t work 5 days a week, I couldn’t exercise and all I did was think of Fibromyalgia. I couldn’t commit to entering a golf tournament a month in advance because I didn’t know how I would feel that day. I couldn’t even make supper plans for the same day.

My life was dull. It was full of uncertainty and I experienced pain both physically and emotionally every second of every day. It’s scary because somewhere in my life I lost myself and every ounce of confidence I had completely disappeared.

On the first session I walked in with a 50 out of 100 pain level in my back and neck. I walked out Pain Free and I left with a calm mind and body and my severe migraine disappeared!

After 5 sessions of hypnosis I am very happy and proud to say that I finally feel like myself again. I have energy!! I smile and my pain is non-existent. My friends and family even notice a difference in me.

I am proud of myself. It’s been so long since I have been happy with myself in any way and it feels great to know that I have the ability to control how I feel. I look forward to waking up every morning feeling refreshed, knowing I can go to work for the whole week and make it through the whole day feeling amazing! I know that after work I am going to go work out and not just because I can but because I want to!

I couldn’t be happier with my outcome so far with my hypnosis sessions. It truly has changed my life. My thought process has taken a complete turn for the better and negativity no longer runs me. I own me! Positivity owns me! Any time negativity decides to creep upon me I have the power to shut it off. I recommend hypnosis, it is life changing. No matter what you want in life, it’s completely achievable with hypnosis.

Bobbi Wilson

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Sleep I found the first thing that hypnosis helped with was my sleeping. I had trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep.Now all I can say is “where have you been?”, now I feel great and I can sleep all night." ~ Shirley E, Castor

February 15, 2016

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