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The Mind, Body, Fertility Connection by James Schwartz

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This set works well for ANYONE trying to become pregnant.

Track 1 – Love Your Period
Track 2 – Easy Ovulation
Track 3 – Amazing Conception
Track 4 – Balance and Harmony

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About the book….and this New Program for Albertans!

Now there is new hope for the millions of women worldwide who have had difficulty trying to conceive. The Mind/Body Fertility Connection explores the feelings, emotions and beliefs that may be blocking conception, and it provides the necessary tools to create a successful pregnancy.

By bringing together the latest scientific data and innovative mind/body techniques, this book unveils a new pathway to conception: a pathway of healing through the emotions which allows women to unblock the potential for childbearing.

This book dissects the feelings, beliefs and old emotional injuries which often create subconscious obstacles that can disrupt an otherwise healthy functioning reproductive system. It delves into an unexplored realm that not only exposes the hidden barriers which can cause infertility but also reveals the secrets that can lead to a successful pregnancy.

The Mind/Body Fertility Connection helps women experience their fertility as a journey of empowerment and presents a fresh new perspective on how to create conception.

I am happy to announce that I have gone to Denver, Colorado to learn this amazing program from the master himself!

James’ program is so successful that clients come from out of state to partake in his exceptional hypnotherapy sessions.

I am excited to be the first hypnotherapist in Alberta offering this program to my clients!  Come and spend 2-3 relaxing days focusing on your true pathway to conception.

To add to this wonderful program I have created a four track fertility set.  This program is easily incorporated into acupuncture sessions, IVF, IUI, naturopathy, daily mediation or any other modality that enhances fertility!

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