Comments made by former clients, students and trainees are true, real and documented. The Canadian Hypnosis Academy(TCHA) and Hypnosis for Health and Happiness, its officers and managers do not imply, suggest or claim these comments represent a typical result. Results vary depending on age, gender, lifestyle, physical activity, individual commitment, drive and inspiration to achieve a desired result.

Comments have been collected over a 4 year period. TCHA and Hypnosis for Health and Happiness and Happy Hypnobabies makes no claim or intent to represent comments and reviews as current. Each comment and or review is one person’s outlook given at a specific time. Comments and reviews should be viewed as one person’s experience.

Hypnotherapy is not a medical procedure, nor is it a practice of medicine.  Hypnosis consists of voluntary submission of an individual to a series of carefully controlled suggestions; thereby increasing suggestibility of submission to achieve specific therapeutic results.  Ones acceptance into a hypnosis program acknowledges that success and failure of this hypnotherapy depends upon many unknown factors and it is impossible to ascertain what responses that client will exhibit during hypnotic sessions and there is no guarantee in achieving the specific goals.

Acceptance into a hypnotic program the client releases and forever indemnify Trisha Fuller, The Canadian Hypnosis Academy and/or Hypnosis for Health and Happiness and/or Happy Hypnobabies and/or any one working for her or assisting her in her practice or any organizations associated with her, and shall not make any claim against the above referred individuals or organizations, for any injuries or other damages they suffer arising from the hypnotic sessions, instructions, programs, teaching of relaxation, assistance in specific goal achievements or any other such activities in which they participate or follow their advice, even if such damages or injuries arise out of their negligence.

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